Seeking a CEO who can help the next million artists

3 min readApr 13, 2022


By: Martin Geh, Managing Partner @Menyala

It’s 2022 and there’s never been a better time to be a music creator, but sadly making a living from your music talent is just as hard as it ever was. What if there was a way to change that forever?

Venture building is messy and risky, but those of us at Menyala signed up because we want to work on big problems and create solutions for them that make an impact on the world. The solution ultimately becomes a product and a new venture is created around it for the purpose of launching the product and scaling it as a business. People who build new ventures often refer to this journey in different stages i.e. zero-to-one, one-to-ten, ten-to-one hundred. At Menyala we embrace the challenges of venture building in all its stages, while being wholly owned by Temasek gives us the advantages of permanent capital and a long horizon to build ventures in strategic areas like the creator economy and virtual worlds & experiences.

With that, we have some news to share.

We recently started the search for a CEO for our new project called Avalon. Project Avalon seeks to help the next million music artists in the world to survive and thrive, find ways to improve their craft, build audiences into communities, and develop artist-fan relationships for the long run. Web3 methods and approaches allow Avalon to experiment in ways never possible until now (think tokenization, contribute-to-earn, and decentralized solutions). We’ve spent months in deep design research to understand the problems and needs of artists and audiences and are now at concept validation stage. To take Avalon further, we now need to hire a CEO who will turn it into a compelling venture and work with us to launch and scale it. Below you’ll find more about the role, what we’re looking for, and how you can get in touch.

Sound interesting? Here’s what we’re looking for:

The candidates we hope to meet could be from two different career tracks. One could be an entrepreneurial startup founder who already has zero-to-one and one-to-ten experience and is looking for the next big thing. Another candidate could be a seasoned executive leader from top innovative companies who is ready to do something brave and different, knows what good looks like at scale, and how to build teams to get there. Exact years of experience is not really a high priority here, and neither is technical depth. What is a high priority would be the passion for solving problems, building great teams, and excitement for the potential of Web3 to underpin game changing solutions.

Here are a few more details you should know:

  • Transforms ideas into viable businesses, and a proven ability to lead ventures
  • Provides tactical and strategic support for research, testing, business model validation, partner engagement, product definition, strategy, engineering, and go-to-market planning
  • Builds the vision, the adventure and the values that differentiate the venture from other organizations, and makes it a source of pride for everyone to log in every day
  • Hires and develops great talent
  • An idea-generator who is skilled in critical thinking, implementation, and communication
  • Ability to thrive in an entrepreneurial environment, not hung up on hierarchy
  • Domain expertise in the music industry is a plus
  • Open to global candidates, but the role is in Singapore

If these attributes sound like you — or someone we should talk to — please get in touch with us here.